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Upcoming releases!

2008-05-22 12:46:54 by Dark-Muse

I am almost finished editing Chatterbot! So, that might be up by Monday!! Yay. Also, The Ultimate Quiz is coming along pretty well and might be out soon. Because of these two, Mr. Ninja has been put on hold. But it should be out mid-summer-ish. Hooray!!

Another thing, fish1892 and me are working on a secret project that should be ready by the end of the summer. So keep your eyes peeled!


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2008-05-22 13:07:44

rolf! lreland is beast! >:C

Dark-Muse responds:



2008-05-22 16:07:26

Your chatterbot ain't working!

Dark-Muse responds:

Yes it is


2008-05-23 16:59:46

dude really. That's best you can think of. What are you 10

Dark-Muse responds:

What do you mean 'best I can think of'?


2008-05-24 04:17:54

Wooo! Go Whiteflag Productions!

But what is this mysterious project.....

Dark-Muse responds:

Meh... some things here and there I have been working on